Just before England became a modern day Alcatraz I became obsessed with the photographer Liam Wong whose unique approach to photography and editing delivers images that look like they're straight out of a video game. Wong released a book called TO:KY:O comprised of hundreds of images from his time in (you guessed it) Tokyo. I bought the book and was entranced with the colour and composition of his images, his unique approach gives us blade runner esc imagery that you just can't look away from. 

Most of his images are taken at night which really emphasises the colour, light and atmosphere of his photographs giving a much more compelling overall image.

Being inspired by his images, I decided to give it a go myself in SH:EF:FI:EL:D (Sheffield) and so I waited until dark to take to the streets with my camera and attempted to re create these sci-fy style images. Sheffield (as many cities) isn't short of artificial lighting and so it wan't long before I found some excellent spots to take my photos. 

Taking these images was a lot of fun but was also the bane of my life at the time because of how dark it was (I know that's the point but hear out), because of how dar it was I had to use a low shutter speed and high iso which meant that 60% of the photos I took ended up being far too noisy or just completely blurred. I thought about using a tripod but in his book, Wong mentions that he doesn't use on and has just gotten really good at locking his arms and staying totally still when taking the image. This wasn't a lot of help to be honest as I tried that but in my attempt to say completely still I ended up shaking like a nervous leaf. So staying still wasn't going to work so I decided to do what any good photographer does, take as many photos as possible. I walked through the streets of Sheffield taking a photograph at almost every step resulting in a LOT of blurred photos but every so often I managed to capture a beauty.